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Business information – Project Management & Technology Consulting
Creator Consulting
Name – Robert Shular
Hobbies / Interests
Astronomy, Reading (Sci-Fi), Gardening, Woodworking
As I often say, I’ve been making things since I was this high. As a kid, I’d make toys out of wood, nails, string, anything I could find in my dad’s scrap pile or around the workshop.
As a young teenager I took all the shop courses at school, wood, metal, plastic, and fell in love with electronics technology. Most of the jobs I’ve held have had something to do with making things.
Creator Consulting is about making you successful in your Product Development and related Business activities.
Over 20 years in Electronics Engineering Technologies, Manufacturing, Service, and Operations Management gives us the background to enhance your bottom line.
In my mid twenties, I earned a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and have been working in the industry in some form of Product Management role for almost 30 years now. For the past seven years I've been operating Creator Consulting and helping entrepreneurs and small business with their technology development.
I’ve done Electronics Engineering and Product Development for everything from Toys to Military products. With over ten years in Quality Management I can fit the relevant processes to your business’ size and needs.